05 August 2011

Spare Bedroom FREE redo :)

Hi all, so I was playing around with a bunch of "stuff" i had laying around from past projects. I realized I have so much and instead of stuffing placing them in other parts of the house why not pull them together. I said lets see what I can come up with, spending NO money at all I mean zero, zip nada. After all it is a "spare" bedroom why should it cost alot, or anything for that matter!  As I had piled and PILED and PILED.
I'm like ok you have to stop shopping Alyssa its getting out of control!!  But as I was looking around I thought wow I really have an eye for things. Because I could see this pile coming together and working well together.
I didn't have to paint, alter or change a thing, I just whipped it right up. I love when that happens.

So here is the before picture, partial pile showing in the bottom right hand corner. There is more behind me, I was just trying to spare myself the embarrassment of the pile...


Most of the stuff showing was from the old bathroom and needed to go back into the new one, hence the TP. Seriously I don't just have random half used rolls of TP laying around my house, LOL.

Just so happened my mom had a mattress and box spring in her garage, SCORE! and I had an old queen bed frame from years ago.
See, now you are starting to see the pile ;)

I had the bed skirt from the bed set that was originally in my mater bedroom, it was never used because my bed frame doesn't allow for a skirt.

And here here you have it:

Nightstands and end of bed bench from the master bedroom :), I did buy new for that room :) :)
Lamps from the master and bedspread from there too!! Rug from the family room. The pillows were stuffed placed into the linen cabinet in the hall and have been there for about two YEARS!! I was so happy to get them out and used. No I have a TON more room in the linen closet to stuff more things into. ;)
I loved doing this, I feel so creative!!
Night stands in this picture were what I was going to use, then I decided to get new ones for our bedroom. That explains the difference. Also, it was a bit brighter than the other photos.

and the chair from the master, looks 100000 times better in here. This room is sooo light and airy it needs big chunky pieces to ground it. And I think this did the trick, I and SOO happy I moved it in here, plus I got a new one for the master ;)

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