25 September 2012

Fall Mantle

Well Hey!!

Thanks for all the awesome comments on the fall tablescape. I really love the neutral colors. Because the dining and living spaces are connected they have to mesh. So I went neutral with that too.

Lets take a look:

Have a great week. Let me know what you think!!


17 September 2012

Fall Tablescape

Wow, I can't believe its that time of year already. I feel like summer went by sooo fast.  However, this is my favorite time of year so I guess I can't complain!

Anyway, I created a simple and elegant tablescape this year. I'm all about tradition, traditional colors and ideas. I always like add a little twist and put my signature touch on it.

This year I went light, green and white instead of orange.

Lets take a look:

So there you have it, my traditional green and white fall tablescape.  Let me know what you think!!


11 September 2012

Never Forget

It's hard to believe that 11 years has passed since that terrible day of tragedies started to unfold. I was a young high school student in art class when the rumblings started. At first I thought what a terrible thing. This would soon turn into the most terrible thing I would have been exposed to in my short lifetime. My life, and the lives of my young classmates would be changed forever. Everything I do, and everywhere I go would in some way be a reflection of the events of that day. As we relive today and let the pain emerge again I can only hope that good comes from the memories and our world can only become a better place. I was a young 16 year old at the time and one of my most striking memories in the days after the attacks was the generosity from people. I worked at McDonald's at the time and they had the Ronald McDonald house bins outside of the drive through window open for donations. I started my shift after school at 3 pm and by then it was so full of money for the Red Cross that it had to be emptied. Every single person donated money that day. It wasn't just 1 or 2 dollars but 20, 50 and 100 dollars. Till this day it still strikes me as amazing. That was the world I wanted to live in everyday.

As the wife of a firefighter I can't help but feel the pain of the other widows left to pick up the pieces that these men left behind. Their legacy is left with every firefighter in the United States in some way. Firemen are a special breed of individuals. Their spirit and bravery is something they all carry with them everyday. Commodore and brotherhood are words often thrown around to describe the bond between firefighters. These, however, aren't just words they are actual symbols of a real family that exists, not by blood but not any less significant.

In 2001 I never knew I would be married to a firefighter and how hard it actually is. Every time the bells go off and I know he is risking his life to take care of another person who needs him. There have been many occasions that have been cut short because of this, many dinners left on the table to get cold, and family events, holidays, left without question. I love my husband for the man that he is and for the sacrifices he makes for others everyday. Special people on this earth, I believe are born for this one and only job, are firemen.

Today is a day of remembrance, sorrow and American commodore. It is a day that everyone will never forget. God Bless America!!!!


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