25 June 2011


What a beautiful sight, so peaceful, so calm. You would never know by looking at this picture of what lies BENEATH this gorgeous deck ;)

So now that everything seems to be coming together inside and  the front of the house its time to start tackling the back of the house. I was at home depot the other day and noticed this really cool edging. Because I hate to dig (anything) I saw pound in and I was like yeaaaaa, this could work for back there. We have a high deck on the back of our house. It's like 20x20 and like 10 feet off the ground. My backyard slopes a bit. Its ok except the view underneath is less than pretty :)

Here it is :( ...

It needs some heeeeeeeeeeeeeeelllllppp. For sure.
First I laid out some of the black landscape fabric, because there was no WAYYYY i was going to dig out the grass. This stuff will kill it off in days. Then I laid the edging over the top of it and pounded it in.
So here's the edging, it comes in 20 foot lengths. You basically just lay it out, you should use someone else because it is hard to keep in a line. I just pounded on end in and then worked towards the other end.

I think it came out good, and it was super easy to install, just a rubber mallet is all you need. :) It still needs more work, like lattice. I've been after that stuff since we moved into this house. Other things just seem to be taking priority over it, which is understandable.

Actually, it doesn't look that much better :( I still have alot of work to do! Until then I'll be spending most of my time above this ugly scenery :)

Looking at these instead :)

24 June 2011

Second Bath - Update

What a week!  A lot can happen in a week, and I think I have had everything go wrong all at once. It could always be worse but it seems like someone/something is testing my patience. Everything happens for a reason right? I haven't had the courage to show anyone yet, let’s just say my basement; my beautiful refinished basement needs to be completely replaced. A rock in my outside sewer line. YES a ROCK in my sewer line caused a backup and flooded my basement. Crying :( :(

Here's the evidence:

These stupid rocks aren't even that big! I hate them, I despise them right now!

At least one thing went my way, the tile floor is DOOOOONNNNNNEEEEEE!!! I have been waiting for this day for a long time. This means that I can now the bathroom. I started this project a week or two ago and reference it here. It seems like a huge process but really all it takes is some meticulous measuring, planning and organization. I have all three traits built in :) So, in essence it came naturally.

Remember when I posted the pic of the vanity we are going to use in that bathroom, it's been sitting in a box for WELL over a month. It's almost sinful to have something so beautiful in a box in the garage. :(

Im so excited to show this transformation, considering ALL of the work was done by my husband and I. It usually doesn't take us this long for a project, but we have had a few things come up that have stalled it out. Not to mention that bathroom is never used. It was so ugly before I even kept the door shut most of the time.
I don't even have a before picture because we hated it so much I didn't want record of it.
So here is the picture of the tile:

Now all i have left to do is baseboard and quarter round. This weekend is the goal!!!

16 June 2011

New Front Porch!!!

OK so I am in love with the idea of a tranquil front porch. I have been working on this project for a couple weeks now and I cant seem to get it right. It all started with a picture I saw online a while back. I don't even know where I seen it. It continued to fester in my brain (as many things do) and finally I had to start to design it. I have a fairly small porch but big enough for a bistro set and and some potted plants. However, I wanted more than that. I want to sit out there and enjoy looking at my surroundings, considering I live on a semi-busy street. I wanted a better view than cars! Of course I have this mental picture that is magical and serene.  Of course I loathe about sprawling spaces on beautiful days, kicking back with an iced tea listening to the birds sing. Then reality sets in and I have to deal with what I have. Don't we all wish we had one of these...

(Cameron Park Inn)

(Apartment Therapy)

I can only dream about the day I can fit a bed on MY front porch!  They just don't build them like they used to anymore. :(  So here is what I'm working with, a little dull, I know.

Not the greatest of shots either, but I figured the end result would be so much better. I start these processes with an inspirational photo or focal item. In this case I was at target and I found these great outdoor pillows.

They are blue and white, so of course you think of Nantucket, beach themes, sailboats. I also saw this great artwork to go with the pillows, but of course it wasn't outdoor friendly, all I can hear is SMASH! So I made my own version... Of course its not framed yet, I just created this with Picnik

Then I was at Christmas Tree Shops and found these great blue and white lanterns that had lighthouses on them.

 And then a few isles down an out door rug, $39.99 (OMG! I'm in heaven)

O yea and I made this fancy little wreath from some clearence items I got at michales. Now, I have been working on this for a couple weeks, this stuff just doesn't come to me magically, it's a process.

The table I am keeping from above, I dont like the colors of the top of it so something is going to have to change with that. The chairs I picked up from Rite Aid for $14.99, who knew! But I was in there and thought, these would be PERFECT!

So you put it all together and you get...

( We never use that door into the garage:) )

Please ignore the frame laying against the house, I haven't yet found a way to hang it on the siding. When I do I will share!
Thanks for looking and if you like it please COMMENT!!!!!

10 June 2011

How I tile a floor- Second Bath Update

I was going to actually name this post, "how to" tile a floor. I can only imagine the criticism I would get. NO Thanks! So I decided, this is how I tile a floor. I have read and watched countless videos about this and I have also successfully tiled my half-bath tile floor. Yes, my half-bath was the guinea pig for that project also.

I did most of the work myself here, so ladies get at it!

Anyhoo... here is how I do it:

1. Clear the room of all objects. All meaning frames on the walls, mirrors, towel bars, rugs. Etc.

2. Now clear the more "semi-permanent" things: The toilet, shut the water off, flush it, remove the top, unscrew the bolts and pull it straight up, try to keep it level or water will spill out everywhere. Think of it as a p trap, if you tip it too much one way it will spill out. Also removed the nasty wax ring. Remove the sink and vanity, shut off the water (hot and cold) disconnect the water lines. Disconnect it and pull it out, try not the damage any walls in the meantime.

3. Once everything is out, start removing the old floor, take a crowbar and hammer and remove all the old tiles, or whatever else you have. My tiles had a 1/4 inch plywood base over the subfloor, I removed this also. It will be replaced with 1/4 inch hardi-board (cement board)

4. Prep the floor: make sure all the nails are pounded down, sweep up all the debris and vacuum the floor.

5. Lay out the cement board, try and make sure your joints/seems are not where you walk. I.E. Not along the door or center of the room.

6. Measure out your cuts for the toilet and for my room, the heater vent on the floor. Dry fit every piece

7. Apply thin set to the sub-floor and lay the cement board, so you glue it down basically. Cement board also has these handy little holes for the special screws to go in, drill a screw into every hole. :) Let it dry for about 24hours. Do other things in the meantime, paint, add molding. Things like that.

8. I lay out all the tiles and cut them before I apply the thin-set to the floor. I know this takes a while but it really makes a difference when applying them. They go down in a snap and they are all laid out without any mistakes :)

9. Let them dry overnight, preferably 24 hours and grout. I did purchase a bag of sanded grout that you mix with water this time. You can avoid that all together if you buy the premixed grout for a few dollars more.

06 June 2011

Master Shower Update...

Wow this is crazy, I just found this before picture, its crazy when I put my mind to something and the transformation that happens, it amazes me sometimes.


I wanted to just update the quick shower makeover I was dreaming about one night. I don't particularly care for our master shower. It is small and dark. If we plan on staying in this house for a while this will be on our list of renovations, for now a $20 JCP curtain will do the trick. It gives the shower a grand appeal, more luxurious than a bland old shower curtain. Makes a big difference! Don't you agree??


04 June 2011

Mini Bedroom Update...

Here you go, Notice the changes we subtle but great. I'm learning how to take better pictures as well.
All that was changed in this room was the bedding (most) the two accent pillows and the euro pillows are the same.  The lamp shades and the lamps on the dressers. I think it brightens it up and changes it up for the summer months ahead. I loved the other comforter, but frankly it needs to be cleaned (dry-cleaned) and I am about to start the spare bedroom makeover so I needed something for in there also!

03 June 2011

Mini Bedroom Makeover

It doesn't take much to dress up, update and transform a room. I'm an avid decorator, I love it its my passion. But even I have trouble with what I do sometimes. I LOVE my master bedroom. I think it is tranquil and serene. I just relax when I look at a picture of it. Its really the only room in the house that it happens! And it should right?  The master is supposed to be a place that you WANT to spend 1/3rd of your life. I want my mornings to be relaxing and pleasant, not chaotic and unpleasant (who does?)  So, make it your space, the space you retire to and enjoy spending your time. Now I don't have kids BUT even when I do this will still be MY space, not theirs!  I don't want to be one of those parents that says your
NOT ALLOWED IN THERE, i think that's stupid!  I just want it still to reflect my personality and my taste.

ANYWAY! Back to the point, I am an AVID decorator, but even I have trouble seeing the faults in my projects. I.E....
the unpainted window sills, the messy bed/pillows.
Pictures coming soon!


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