07 August 2014

Half Bathroom Redone

So building a house for us was a dream come true. As it should be correct?  Well.. Unfortunately when you choose to build everything seems to be more expensive?? If that makes any sense....  We couldn't get everything on our wish list nor could we upgrade everything we wanted to. Because I have a love and passion for DIY and remodels I said, why not just go builder grade on some things we know we can upgrade later. There's not a huge list we weren't able to upgrade, but the half bath was one of those places. Having remodeled (upgraded) 3 bathrooms in my last house I felt paying a premium for a contractor to do it was not necessary. We've been in the house a little over a year and felt this project would be a good one do this summer.

Here are the before shots. Nothing terrible, builder grade is actually not that terrible. Just not my style and doesn't match the rest of the house.

Linoleum counters and basic faucet. We choose not to have the builder mirrors installed because they are a pain to remove and I never know what to do with them once they are down.

Linoleum floor that was nice, still not my "thing".

Here is the after. Not a dramatic change, but upgraded to match the house.  The tile came from home depot and was kind difficult to install.  The cabinet is from Home Decorators. The faucet is from Lowes. The mirror is also from Lowes. The shelves are from target (already had those from the last house)

Overall I'm really please with the subtle upgrades, didn't cost a ton and was fun getting back into what I love to do on my spare time.  I still would like to pain the top of the walls a subtle gray or even try a removable wallpaper. We did also install crown in this room. (can't see from the pictures)


 I think it goes a lot better with the house, especially being right off the kitchen and the first room you look at when entering my house from the garage.


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