30 November 2011

Dining Room Reveal!

SO the time has come to reveal my dining room updates! I know it was great before but it shows the evolution of my taste and style. Even an avid decorator like me changes style often. Of course I took a meeeeellllion photos.

I'm sure as the season progresses my table will as well. But as for the dining room makeover, here is the before:

And here is the after:

 Its much brighter and lighter. Before there was so much dark furniture just weighing everything down. Now, with the new chandelier, the light passes right through. Also, the lighter chairs give it a more elegant feel.

Follow along with me and stop back to see if I change it up!  Have a great day!

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22 November 2011

Trees... Well sorta!

Well hello, I hope your weekend was great. Mine went quite well. Just finishing up the dining room makeover. A few little things to be done then I will reveal it!

But.. I have an awesome project for everyone. My mom helped on this one again, I really do admire her creativity. We compliment each other quite well when it comes to decorating.

So, I know you have all seen these, they are called Teardrop Swags:



Do you see where my mind is going?  How it works. What if you flipped it over, what does it look like?  A tree right.

Ok, here's the back store. I told you about these great urn vases I got from Lowe's back when I showed you my front porch makeover.  I have been looking for "trees" to fill those for winter, after the mums kicked the bucket.

I've looked every where, I mean all over the place. I didn't want to spend a ton because they are going outside and half of everything out there ends up behind my neighbors house, I have crazy wind issues. :) Anyway, I was in Ac Moore a couple nights ago looking for trees. I didn't see any. But my mom spotted these:

And then she flipped it upside down and fluffed it up a bit. I was like yes that's what I was looking for. AND they were 8.99, 8.99 people. Compared to skimpy trees at like $30 and up. One problem, how is it going to stand up? Because the ends look like this:

Enter hubby... and a block of wood and a drill bit...

I stuck it in the hole and it stood up.

I also buried them a bit in the dirt in the urn's. Just so they don't fall over or blow away. So here you go!

Here is both of them on the porch...
 Just a touch of fall, just for a few more days... Then...

What do you think?  Let me know?  Also remember to link back to me if you decide to do this project and share, I would really appreciate it!


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14 November 2011

HomeGoods Trip!!

So I have a mini post for today, lots of bigger project going on (in my head) not to much progress going on in real life. But anyway, believe it or not I have never been to HomeGoods. I always hear about it, I see the commercials and I read about awesome finds on blogs ALL the time.

We have one but its about a 40 minute drive from my house. I wasn't sure if it was going to be worth the trip. But I went anyway.

There was alot of Christmas things out and alot of furniture. I was definitely pleased but not much different than TJMaxx or Marhsalls or even Stein Mart.

I did get a great lantern, its huge but I love it!

What do you think?  Where else could I use it?

Sorry about the tag

11 November 2011

Banister Redo!

Well hey there, hope your week is going good. So far so good for me except I hurt my back :(  AND I have no clue how I did it. Probably moving something heavy. It's crazy I tell ya!

Anyway, I dabbled in some uneasy waters, and have been for a few days now. All I can say is my house smells lovely right now!

This uneasy water that I speak of is stripping of wood and staining of wood. My banister in particular. We had some really nice days last week and this week. Nice enough to open doors and windows for a while. So I decided to take the plunge..........

I'm really happy with the results, but I can't reveal the entire space because I have a few more things to "touch up". But here's a sneak peak... :)


I may have mentioned before, the people that built my house must have been color blind or maybe just blind!  Who knows. But yes, this ugly thing is almost as orange as the flowers in my pumpkin... 

Pretty Bad, I must say so myself. I've walk buy it everyday and think, WHY, WHY. Who would pick this ugly color. So, I decided to take a stab at it. I stink at stripping ;). I mean wood people, please! I digress, really I stink at it. But this time it didn't go as bad as I thought. I guess the trick is to READ the label, get the right stripper for your project, DUH!

After about 50 coats of stripper, well maybe 3. It started to come off, then it started to get everywhere. You don't even want to know. DO NOT get it on your skin, it burned me :(.

But I like the results, and you know what they say, beauty hurts!

What do you think? Its not completely done but like I said I will reveal the entire space later on!


Obviously I have the back of the stairs to finish and the rail. When I do the rail I will have a tutorial post.

We were thinking about ripping up the carpet and staining the stairs?  Can we do this? Have you done this? Please help me!

Have a great day, and a great weekend!

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