21 April 2011

Moving On

As you will see I am always engaged in multiple projects at one time. Sometimes I think Home Depot should be paying me for as much time/money as I spend in there. This is our first house and we've lived here for a little over 2 years. I think the updates we have made haven't been so extreme that it wont give us some kind of return. I always see these shows on t.v. that analyze remodels, but, these are 50, 75, or 100K jobs. That is crazy!  Where I come from people just don't do that, our homes are only worth a few K more than that.  It's very unrealistic. So with that said smaller more economical projects is what I do. I may splurge on a few things but not everything. For example, I am in the process of "remodeling" our master bath. I haven't even posted pictures of it because it was so ugly!  AND it half done as of now. Enter my splurge...

It is a 60inch double sink vanity with a granite top. However, when I got it home it didn't fit (long story) so the top is being remade :) I choose white marble :) :) I choose this because there is white on white ceramic floor tile installed. I guess I wasn't really thinking because everything in the master bedroom and bath are off white.  I'm sure everything will turn out great!  I mean at pottery barn everything is creamy earth tones and they ALWAYS use gray and white marble.

Anyway... Here is what the master bath looks like right now:

As you can see, it is OK but I had the plumbing redone for double sinks, this cost about $280, WELL worth the price, I will for sure get a good return for this.  The vanity was more but I could have went with a cheaper one and been unhappy. It was about $1100 with tax, I think well worth the money considering  marble/granite would be that alone. The mirror is from Kirkland's that I will repaint. The light was changed when we moved in but I am recycling that for the second upstairs bath and purchased a new one for this space. All in all, it cost around 1500 for the whole "mini" project and I think will be worth way more when I'm finished.

20 April 2011


So here is the end result...

I'm now debating if I should paint the whole bottom white or just the moulding?? I haven't decided.  I am very happy with the way it came out.  I am on to the hall next!

18 April 2011

Making Progress

So... I attempted to begin the chair rail and moulding project that I wanted to start. My bathroom is the test subject, like always. My poor bathroom... It always becomes the test case for a larger room. I always seem to LOVE it but still...
So here's the deal...I went to Lowe's to purchase my moulding. I bought chair rail and picture moulding. The chair rail was about $9 for 8 feet and the picture moulding was about $6 for eight feet.
I started with the chair rail, it is kind of tricky....
1st: Measure the wall you are going to start with. My wall was 99 5/8 inches.  I wanted 4 boxes on this wall.  Instructions from another great blog told me to use a standard 3 inches on every side. So with four boxes it would be 15 inches in "space".  So the amount you have to work with 99 5/8 - 15 = 84 5/8, now divide this by 4 boxes = 84.625 /4 = 21.15625 which is 21 and 5/32nds inches.
I know it seems hard but you can do it!!!
2. Now that the hard part is over start installing the chair rail. The hardest part for this is the inside and outside corners.

The inside corners are cut at a 45 degree angle. But the trick is to stand it up on its bottom end not lay it on its back.

3. Once you have the moulding up you can start on your boxes. Start 3 inches out from the corner. My suggestion would be to start at the end that is most crucial, so if you happen to measure incorrectly a larger gap will not be noticed.

4. After your measurements and boxes are laid out on the wall go ahead and start cutting. This is just like a picture frame. cut all angles on 45 degrees and they should fit great. Tip: I used the first one as a template for the rest!

5. Nail them up, use a sander if they are fitting snug. Wood filler, caulk, and paint will take care of the rest.  I have a little more to do because I ran out of moulding.

13 April 2011

Chair Rail and Picture Moulding!

So I have been thinking about doing moulding in our home since the day we moved in. I am scared to death of it. I have this big fancy saw that cuts like a dream. I have used it a lot for quarter round and I always seem to come up short. I guess what I need is some practice. I have searched for some ideas and here's what I came up with:

Chair rail height is supposed to be approximately 1/3 of the wall, between 32 and 36 inches. I'm sure it isn't that big of a deal. As long as the lines are straight the boxes are even it will look great!  I believe this is the simplest way to add dimension, interest and luxury to any room. Crown moulding is a little trickier, it is installed at an angle and cut at an angle. This is something I need professional help with!
Stay tuned, I will go through the whole process!

12 April 2011

Day 1...

So... Here we go. I'm now entering the blogeshpere of the 21st century, FINALLY.  I'm very tech savvy but not such a good writer. I'm very creative but very impulsive, ;).  I'm a fierce friend and an even better wife. I hate clutter and dust is my enemy.  I'm looking forward to starting a relationship in the online community.  Follow me on my journey as I embark on the horrible and wonderful decisions people tend to make in the spaces they call home.
Don't get me wrong, I love a good grilling of someones space but I am here to offer suggestions so these mistakes aren't made to begin with!


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