21 February 2012

Spring Tablescape

Hey!! Hope you all had a great weekend!!  Mine was filled with manual labor, but I am so please with the way it turned out.  I am so proud of it, it was a lot of work but the end result with be so worth it.  I appreciate it so much more.

But anyway I wanted to share my Spring table-scape with you. I am totally in love with the chairs I picked up at Marshalls a few weeks ago. They set the tone for the room and are totally my style. I think that room might just be complete!

Lets take a closer look

Let me know what you think!!!

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16 February 2012

Craigslist Find!

Happy Almost Weekend!  I'm so glad it is finally here. Although I have a ton of work to do around my house I am still excited to not be WORKING.

I have been changing up the family room alot. I just can't seem to make it "work" for me. I spend alot of time in there so it always seems to change with my moods, interests, or just plain craziness.

I am finally honing in on a "style" I think the red has been throwing me off. I am not a red person, never have been, so why would I ever want a "red" room.

It's ironic because the reason the room has red accents in the first place is because of the antique TV cabinet I purchased on craigslist a few years ago. It's red.  So I have been trying to make it work for me for a long time.

I like to check out craig and his list every now and again to see what he has to offer. Just recently I came across this little beauty:

191 Cape Cod Way, Rochester, NY 14623

The brass coffee table, doesn't look like much from the picture but it has the qualities I was looking for. AAANNDD it was 20 bucks, even if I don't like it I can stand to take a 20 dollar risk!

14 February 2012

Kitchen Floor Layout

Tile floors seem to be a thing of the past when it comes to designer kitchens. Wood seems to be the way things are headed. However, we were unable to go with wood because of the different colors, types, etc already installed.

Trust me, wood is much easier to install. I have done tile a few times but never to this scale. Our kitchen floor is massive, 300 square feet. Its the kitchen, eat in area, hallway, closet and foyer.  The cement backer board took 2 days to cut and lay.

Now, I'm trying to figure out how to lay the tile. Here is the complicated layout:

Im thinking I should start in the middle of the hallway like this:

I think I am going to have to consult an expert on this one. As of now we are starting to tile this week!  Cabinets should be arriving sometime next week.

Have a great Valentines Day!


07 February 2012

Kitchen Remodel Design Board

Hi All,

I have been up to my ears in kitchen remodel things the last week. More like kitchen remodel dust, I swear the more I clean up the worse it gets.  Let me tell you it gets EVERYWHERE!  I wanna scream, lol.

Anyway, I wanted to show you the process I went through picking the materials and finishes. Now, as a reminder this is NOT our forever home, so budget was tight with this project. I am not going top of the line on anything.

I wasn't going to reveal the "budget" but I guess I can. It is $5000 dollars, not alot at all. That includes new cabinets, counters, floor, faucet, sink, hardware and paint. I already have new appliances.

Right now we are on budget, hopefully it will stay that way.

Here is the design board:

Almost everything was purchased at Home Depot. All of the hardware was purchased on Ebay. I was a little hesitant with the hardware, but so far I am very pleased with the quality. The subway tile will be from lowes.


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