10 August 2011

Deck decorating...

So i have a huge deck, like massive trust me when I have to stain it i can't move for a week. And it needs to be stained really bad right now. But besides the obvious, I keep reading, seeing, obsessing with outdoor spaces. You read about my "front porch" redo here. I love being outside and therefore love it to feel cozy and inviting. You have seen pictures of my deck and it looks great except for the staining, I know. I just haven't found the time to do it. It takes forever.  Here it is before:

See it looks great!  But I don't want to see my neighbors AT ALL when I'm back here. I like them, they are great. But they are ALWAYS home, they are retired. 
So I decided I would try and soften the view...

 It helps, its not perfect. Those are palms. I usually cant keep them alive for very long. I am going to try really hard this time. And when its time for them to come in, I already have a spot.

I put them in special drainage pots, special miracle grow soil and EVERYTHING!! If they die I will be so mad >:(

But see, no neighbors anymore!!!

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