20 March 2012

Spring Mantle

Hey!! Hope you all had a great weekend, mine was good... full of manual labor but it looks great!!  Well worth the work, makes me much more proud to have done it myself!  I think I have decided to write a "10 Things to Expect when Remodeling your Own Kitchen".... Stay tuned for that...

I have to admit the kitchen remodel has gone pretty well so far (knock on wood).  We haven't hit to many snags, maybe some meltdowns (I can be dramatic sometimes), just alot of labor. Like heavy heavy, sweaty labor (too much?)

But today I thought I would share my Spring Mantle. With everything that is going on in my life at the moment I feel the need to minamilize a little. You Know? Like after the holidays are over your so exhausted of cooking and putting chiristmas decor away... you just want to chill :)

So lets get to it:

Spring 2012 Mantle

The Lettered Cottage

16 March 2012

Paint Colors

I recently received an email asking about paint colors around my house:

Paint Colors:

                                                        Similar to glazed pears by Olympic
Master, Living Room, Family Room

Dining Room: Behr Parisan Taupe+ 50%

Kitchen: Pensive Sky

Foyer and Hallway: Light French Grey

I have added this to Questions for future reference!


08 March 2012

Updated Family Room


So you all know that I have been going back and forth, and back again with the family room. I really am starting to find my niche in this room.

I am really debating on painting the armoire/huge red cabinet that I absolutely love but don't want to ruin it by painting it.

Here's the before:

And here it is today:

Let me know what you think, should I paint it?  And what color dark or light?  I'm thinking dark but I also like light?

I'm having a war with myself right now, I need help!


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