18 April 2013

Construction Progress!!!

Work as been moving along quickly with our new build project. Of course I wanted to document everything here and that seems to have been lacking.

So here it goes..

Step one in the building process is picking a neighborhood/builder that you are comfortable with. Seems like an easy decision but in reality it's not. Especially if you plan on staying in your house for many many years.

I only bring this up because at the beginning of this process for us we were going back and forth with two builders in two locations, luckily the same school district.

In the end we choose the builder who was most accommodating to our needs and was attentive to the specific requests we had.  Some of the bigger national builders are cheaper to go with but may not allow certain customizations that fit your family best.

Second step is lot selection

Usually builders have "standard" lots and "premium" lots. Premium meaning theres a cost you tack onto your base price. Usually pertains to bigger or more private lots.  Our lot, I believe, gives us the best of both worlds. Why?  Because we have the trees for privacy from the lot behind us, we are on a corner/curve, our house is on a diagonal, its huge (almost 3/4 acre) and it didn't cost a dime extra. :)

Step three is planning and budget.  See the bank, get all your financing in order before you meet with the builder to discuss anything. They (almost) always can work around your budget.

Step four is starting the building process. This is the most exciting part and the most stressful. Your trying to create a beautiful home that fits in your budget. You will not get everything you ever wanted, it just doesn't happen that way. However, if your dealing with reputable and professional vendors they will help you with selections that are economical and fit your needs/wants.

After that it starts to get really exciting, something new happens everyday!!!



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