03 August 2011


This really doesn't have anything to do with decorating butttt... I wanted to share it anyway, for Mothers Day I bought my mom flying lessons. She said she has always wanted to do it and would love to try it out. I thought to myself no way, plane is to tiny and I would be scared out of my mind. She still wanted to do it. :) So I said good for you. So a few weekends ago she did it, it was great. They really let you do everything, its crazy! I was actually quite surprised and have a new found respect for pilots. Also, you have to have alot of strength, which was surprising. Also you steer the plane with your feet not your hands. The handle looking thing is for up and down, not side to side. Weird right. That was kind of hard for her to get used to. so when she wanted to turn she had to use her feet, to take off and land was both feet and hands. Here are some pics and a video of her taking off.  I have to say I was pretty proud of her!!!!

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