01 August 2011

Second Bath Finished!!!!

Well hello there, been a while. Summer really takes a toll on my life. I never realized how much time I actually spend outside and out at different festivals and parties.
We live in an area where we get about 3 good months of "good" weather. So ALL of the weddings, showers, barbecues, happen during this short time. It seems every weekend we are at another "thing". I don't mind at all, I love socializing and being with friends. But it doesn't leave much time for anything else. As you can see this bathroom project took forever and a day to finish. I couldn't be happier with the end result. It has transformed and is truly a masterpiece. blah blah blah... just kidding it came out great!

In this room we changed out the floor (my beautiful tile job if i do say so myself!), light, toilet, mirror and vanity.  Its hard to believe where it was before I got my hands on it. It was a LONG time coming.

Yea  really need to paint behind that light, you didnt see that, LOL!!!

So there you have it, my masterpiece!!!  Nah not really but I'll take it and all of the savings that came along with it. It was a long and winding road but in the end it turned out to be worth every minute. This project could be finished in about 2 weekends, only because of the tile drying time, i just decided to take my time!
Thanks for sticking with me :)

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