16 June 2011

New Front Porch!!!

OK so I am in love with the idea of a tranquil front porch. I have been working on this project for a couple weeks now and I cant seem to get it right. It all started with a picture I saw online a while back. I don't even know where I seen it. It continued to fester in my brain (as many things do) and finally I had to start to design it. I have a fairly small porch but big enough for a bistro set and and some potted plants. However, I wanted more than that. I want to sit out there and enjoy looking at my surroundings, considering I live on a semi-busy street. I wanted a better view than cars! Of course I have this mental picture that is magical and serene.  Of course I loathe about sprawling spaces on beautiful days, kicking back with an iced tea listening to the birds sing. Then reality sets in and I have to deal with what I have. Don't we all wish we had one of these...

(Cameron Park Inn)

(Apartment Therapy)

I can only dream about the day I can fit a bed on MY front porch!  They just don't build them like they used to anymore. :(  So here is what I'm working with, a little dull, I know.

Not the greatest of shots either, but I figured the end result would be so much better. I start these processes with an inspirational photo or focal item. In this case I was at target and I found these great outdoor pillows.

They are blue and white, so of course you think of Nantucket, beach themes, sailboats. I also saw this great artwork to go with the pillows, but of course it wasn't outdoor friendly, all I can hear is SMASH! So I made my own version... Of course its not framed yet, I just created this with Picnik

Then I was at Christmas Tree Shops and found these great blue and white lanterns that had lighthouses on them.

 And then a few isles down an out door rug, $39.99 (OMG! I'm in heaven)

O yea and I made this fancy little wreath from some clearence items I got at michales. Now, I have been working on this for a couple weeks, this stuff just doesn't come to me magically, it's a process.

The table I am keeping from above, I dont like the colors of the top of it so something is going to have to change with that. The chairs I picked up from Rite Aid for $14.99, who knew! But I was in there and thought, these would be PERFECT!

So you put it all together and you get...

( We never use that door into the garage:) )

Please ignore the frame laying against the house, I haven't yet found a way to hang it on the siding. When I do I will share!
Thanks for looking and if you like it please COMMENT!!!!!

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KDeNeve21 said...

Wow, Alyssa!!! Your postings are SO amazing - I love what you've been working on !! Is it bad that I now realize just how incompetent I am with decorating, though? :-)

Seriously, you're doing a GREAT job, and I have to admit, I look forward to reading new postings you have!! (PLUS, you'd be proud of me - I'm actually getting some ideas from you, too! Bonus!! :-D)

Hope to see you soon, my friend!! Take care!! *hugs*!!

~ Kristine


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