24 June 2011

Second Bath - Update

What a week!  A lot can happen in a week, and I think I have had everything go wrong all at once. It could always be worse but it seems like someone/something is testing my patience. Everything happens for a reason right? I haven't had the courage to show anyone yet, let’s just say my basement; my beautiful refinished basement needs to be completely replaced. A rock in my outside sewer line. YES a ROCK in my sewer line caused a backup and flooded my basement. Crying :( :(

Here's the evidence:

These stupid rocks aren't even that big! I hate them, I despise them right now!

At least one thing went my way, the tile floor is DOOOOONNNNNNEEEEEE!!! I have been waiting for this day for a long time. This means that I can now the bathroom. I started this project a week or two ago and reference it here. It seems like a huge process but really all it takes is some meticulous measuring, planning and organization. I have all three traits built in :) So, in essence it came naturally.

Remember when I posted the pic of the vanity we are going to use in that bathroom, it's been sitting in a box for WELL over a month. It's almost sinful to have something so beautiful in a box in the garage. :(

Im so excited to show this transformation, considering ALL of the work was done by my husband and I. It usually doesn't take us this long for a project, but we have had a few things come up that have stalled it out. Not to mention that bathroom is never used. It was so ugly before I even kept the door shut most of the time.
I don't even have a before picture because we hated it so much I didn't want record of it.
So here is the picture of the tile:

Now all i have left to do is baseboard and quarter round. This weekend is the goal!!!

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