25 June 2011


What a beautiful sight, so peaceful, so calm. You would never know by looking at this picture of what lies BENEATH this gorgeous deck ;)

So now that everything seems to be coming together inside and  the front of the house its time to start tackling the back of the house. I was at home depot the other day and noticed this really cool edging. Because I hate to dig (anything) I saw pound in and I was like yeaaaaa, this could work for back there. We have a high deck on the back of our house. It's like 20x20 and like 10 feet off the ground. My backyard slopes a bit. Its ok except the view underneath is less than pretty :)

Here it is :( ...

It needs some heeeeeeeeeeeeeeelllllppp. For sure.
First I laid out some of the black landscape fabric, because there was no WAYYYY i was going to dig out the grass. This stuff will kill it off in days. Then I laid the edging over the top of it and pounded it in.
So here's the edging, it comes in 20 foot lengths. You basically just lay it out, you should use someone else because it is hard to keep in a line. I just pounded on end in and then worked towards the other end.

I think it came out good, and it was super easy to install, just a rubber mallet is all you need. :) It still needs more work, like lattice. I've been after that stuff since we moved into this house. Other things just seem to be taking priority over it, which is understandable.

Actually, it doesn't look that much better :( I still have alot of work to do! Until then I'll be spending most of my time above this ugly scenery :)

Looking at these instead :)

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