03 June 2011

Mini Bedroom Makeover

It doesn't take much to dress up, update and transform a room. I'm an avid decorator, I love it its my passion. But even I have trouble with what I do sometimes. I LOVE my master bedroom. I think it is tranquil and serene. I just relax when I look at a picture of it. Its really the only room in the house that it happens! And it should right?  The master is supposed to be a place that you WANT to spend 1/3rd of your life. I want my mornings to be relaxing and pleasant, not chaotic and unpleasant (who does?)  So, make it your space, the space you retire to and enjoy spending your time. Now I don't have kids BUT even when I do this will still be MY space, not theirs!  I don't want to be one of those parents that says your
NOT ALLOWED IN THERE, i think that's stupid!  I just want it still to reflect my personality and my taste.

ANYWAY! Back to the point, I am an AVID decorator, but even I have trouble seeing the faults in my projects. I.E....
the unpainted window sills, the messy bed/pillows.
Pictures coming soon!

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