23 May 2011

Crown :( Moulding :)

I swear installing crown moulding is the hardest thing (whaaaa!) I've had to take on in this house (OK) maybe not the HARDEST thing, but I literally sat there starring at the wood and the saw for an hour. Once hubby came home we tried to tackle it together. I watched EVERY online tutorial I could find, and picture I could find. Its still just as hard. The moulding has to be placed on the saw upside down, SOOO when your trying to picture the angle it has to be on the wall you have to flip it, I KNOW! It's crazy right. I found a couple of sites that showed you how to do it with video's and pictures. Click here for a nice tutorial, even though I didn't use foam moulding, or here for inside corner and here for outside corner.  The inside and outside corner videos are from Superior Building Supplies' Blog.  They really help out and explain it well.  Also, you have to keep in mind that the walls are not straight.  I.e the straightest walls in a house or the outside walls, or the walls that make up the outside structure. inside walls are NEVER square. We started this project with a box in the middle of our house, so none of the walls are outside walls. We are having a terrible time getting them to line up and look even. It is so bad I don't even want to post pictures. I will so I have record of my pain.


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