19 May 2011

Bathrooms, Bathrooms and More Bathrooms

Just Kidding, our house has 2 and a half baths, which I believe is the perfect amount to have. Not to many, not to little and not overwhelmingly hard to keep clean. The half bath is for guests (mostly). This is the bathroom that gets all the fancy soaps and sprays. Our bathroom, (the Master) is my haven. It's where I get ready for everything. Going to work or going to sleep, this is usually the last place I visit. I wanted it to be luxurious yet usable. They only downside to this bath is there is no tub :(.  Last, we come to our second bath, the "stepchild" The receiver of all things decor that have no other place to go (except the basement). Pink toilet, pink tub and tile. I swear the people in the late 80's early 90's were color blind. PINK TOILET!!! I cant believe they were actually produced. WHO does that. Anyway, it HAS to go and quick!
The other night, the hubby and I went over to Home Depot to get the wheels moving and get me inspired for some manual labor. By manual I mean ripping out the old and installing the new.
Here is the main inspiration:

Cherry wood, black granite, classic lines and an inspirational shape. I love different shapes. Because I do "mini" makeovers the pink tub is staying. Well mauve (ugly).  I'm sure it will look fine whens its all said and done. This renovation is going to be the floor tile, toilet, vanity, light, and mirror.  Because the vanity is cherry it already has some of the red/oink tones naturally in the wood. SO I am hoping the vanity offsets the tub.  This whole "mini" should cost around $1000 when completely finished.

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