27 May 2011

Progress :)

So, here are the pictures of the progress of our latest project, the Crown. I really don't have much to say about this except I am kind of unmotivated... Hence the hugh ladder and stepper still in the bathroom. I know myself I am an organization (neat) freak, so by leaving them in there it drives me nuts. To the point that I will obsess over getting it done!  However, I don't feel like projects should EVER come to that point. They should be and enjoyable learning experience, I just think of it as "taking my time".

This is rough, wayyyy rough.  The walls in this room are so bad its crazy. I would highly recommend starting in a room that has an outside wall.

Once there is caulk and wood filler it should look as good as new! I am really excited to get this taken care of its really hard and I feel like I accomplished something!

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