13 January 2012

Subway Art- Office

Hello Hello, not much going on over in the Nesbitt house the last few weeks. Not sure whats going on. I have tons of things running through my head just don't know where to begin I guess :)

We are going to be remodeling our kitchen (FINALLY!) so maybe that's it. But anyway, I have been looking for inspiration for that on Pintrest.

With that comes the inspiration for many many other things. My office, for starters.  This room has been our dumping ground since we moved in our house.  I've been itching to do something with it for a while.

My first (small) project is subway art. It's very popular right now, I see it everywhere. And whats better in an "office" than some motivational posters on the wall!

Here's how I did it:

Microsoft Publisher 16x20 Blank Template

There are a million different fonts you can use, as well as colors and clip art.

My theme is SUCCESS:  Here are a few of my creations:


And because I love country music so much...

This is one I had created for a gift for a friends new baby:

And here is one with color:

Hope you enjoyed my post today!

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