21 April 2011

Moving On

As you will see I am always engaged in multiple projects at one time. Sometimes I think Home Depot should be paying me for as much time/money as I spend in there. This is our first house and we've lived here for a little over 2 years. I think the updates we have made haven't been so extreme that it wont give us some kind of return. I always see these shows on t.v. that analyze remodels, but, these are 50, 75, or 100K jobs. That is crazy!  Where I come from people just don't do that, our homes are only worth a few K more than that.  It's very unrealistic. So with that said smaller more economical projects is what I do. I may splurge on a few things but not everything. For example, I am in the process of "remodeling" our master bath. I haven't even posted pictures of it because it was so ugly!  AND it half done as of now. Enter my splurge...

It is a 60inch double sink vanity with a granite top. However, when I got it home it didn't fit (long story) so the top is being remade :) I choose white marble :) :) I choose this because there is white on white ceramic floor tile installed. I guess I wasn't really thinking because everything in the master bedroom and bath are off white.  I'm sure everything will turn out great!  I mean at pottery barn everything is creamy earth tones and they ALWAYS use gray and white marble.

Anyway... Here is what the master bath looks like right now:

As you can see, it is OK but I had the plumbing redone for double sinks, this cost about $280, WELL worth the price, I will for sure get a good return for this.  The vanity was more but I could have went with a cheaper one and been unhappy. It was about $1100 with tax, I think well worth the money considering  marble/granite would be that alone. The mirror is from Kirkland's that I will repaint. The light was changed when we moved in but I am recycling that for the second upstairs bath and purchased a new one for this space. All in all, it cost around 1500 for the whole "mini" project and I think will be worth way more when I'm finished.

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