09 March 2013

Who creates the rules!?!

So I know I have been MIA forever.  Alot has been happening in my life the last three months.. like we sold the house :)  That was a chore but I will spare you from the horrors of home selling... I am very grateful ours went quick and not to dramatically. Only a few minor rifts (very stupid rifts) got in the way...

With the house gone I haven't had much to do as far as decorating goes and you cant decorate a house your moving out of.. although one trip to homegoods and the mantle changed during the moving process!! 

Its not completely out of my head of course.. we are building our next house so the design process is going on full and strong, just not physically at this point.  That should be changing in the next few days!!!!  :)  Here's a sneak peak of the design avenue I'm going down:

I'm super excited.. I can't wait to get started..  In the meantime recently I have been working with a friend trying to come up with a new design plan for her dining room.  Its a great space, good size and plenty of wall space. 
Challenge is light furniture, light floor, and light beige walls. Contrast is needed.  So I've given her two options so far.  1 more dramatic and 1 less.  I like both of them..

She is leaning towards the dark which makes me SUPER excited!!

Look for more updates with the new build coming later this week!!

Heres the issue..If we go with a beige wall the furniture belnds into the wall color, there ins't any contrast with a light wall. I love the dark one but the light one gives it a bit of

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