09 June 2012

Updated Master Bedroom!!

Well hey there, how are you all, I'm just great.  I'm on this new organization kick, stay tuned for that, so I have a daily agenda I go through and this project has bee #1 on my feature in blog list everyday for I don't even know how long.

So I decided to change up my master bedroom for spring/summer. I always seem to change it around a bit with the seasons or anytime I find something interesting! Pretty much everything except for the big stuff like bed, dresser, rug and curtains.  I really really like it. Its nice and light for a refreshing spring summer update.

Here's the before, not to shabby I might add:

Now, this next pic outlines for my readers that think it takes a lot of effort to update a room. It doesn't matter what the before looks like, if you update these next five things you can dramatically update a room.

See, it doesn't take a lot to make a big impact.

Here's the update:

Let me know which one you like better!!!


Anne said...


Colleen said...

wow, it's beautiful! love the bed and the bedding. Coming over from TDC.


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