25 April 2012

Kitchen Remodel Update

Hey, I have been getting quite a few questions about the kitchen remodel. Sorry I have been MIA. Its just taking a little longer than expected...

A few hiccups, but everything is pretty much done, all I have left is to install the back-splash which WILL be done this weekend!

I'm not leaving my house until it is DONE!

But I wanted to post some pictures of the before (terrible, terrible, terrible)  bad photos, but I'm afraid it would have broken my new camera ;)

Here is the before:

 My epic fail of trying to paint them, horrible horrible, complete with the boob light in the ceiling :) Dishes in the sink and dinner in the crock pot :) Hey, I'm keepin it real...

View from the other side, the painting went so bad, I stopped :) But after a while the man in brown starting bringing me presents and there was a glimmer of light at the end of the tunnel :)

 I went to Lowe's for my back splash

 Then this began after the demolition finished. My husband did that in all of a couple hours so I don't have any photos of that. It was a messssss, and the dust was the worst. I am neurotic about dust anyway (its my only enemy!). I swear I would clean it all up and turn around it would be back. Not FUN at all!

These are real grainy and ugly but trust me, it was a beautiful site!!

Here is the last picture I took before the counter was installed, before the molding and painting. Again an excellent view (compared to the before ;) )

After the back splash is done, I will do a bunch of tutorials, like converting from a double sink to a single HUGE sink... 10 Things to expect, like possible divorce, lol JUST KIDDING, but seriously fighting happens, which should be warned before attempting to remodel your own kitchen.

Stay tuned the most amazing photos I could every take through a camera will be coming shortly!!!

Any questions please ASK, it was a huge job, I have documented most of the process in my head and I'm sure there is some good advice in there somewhere!!


Andrea said...

Your kitchen is looking great! So what did you end up doing with the cabinets since you tried to paint them first and it was a mess. You got me at mess....I so want to paint mine so I would love ANY advice. Looking forward to all of your tutorials and pics.

Can't wait to see the reveal!

Alyssa said...

Well... where should I start. 1st do your research. Make sure you know exactly what you are doing BEFORE you begin. 2. Make sure you have the proper tools, I.e paint sprayer, good brushes and a good sander. 3rd is TIME, set enough time for yourself to take the time to SAND everything, then prime, and then paint. It TAKES FOREVER!!! 4th make sure you buy the best primer and paint money can buy, invest in this and it will make your life easier!!

Anne said...

Can't wait to see it all finished.I am sure you feel the same way.I have gone back and fourth deciding if I should paint my cabinets.I am leaning towards going for it.Just need to chat with my husband about it first.Although I make all the decorating decisions in my house.


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