03 October 2011

Family Room...Take 3? :)

Hi All, Thanks so much for the very sweet comments on my fall porch and master bedroom posts. I really enjoyed linking up to so many great blogs. I'm getting the hang of this blogging thing!

A few weeks ago now I started my family room update and I challenged myself to only spend $200 and update the entire room, to be more cohesive and inviting. I liked what I did, but I wasn't in love. I really spend alot of time in that room and I want to love it.  So I started researching some more and found a few things that I liked. A gallery wall, yea, they are crazy expensive if you have to purchase the frames, and can become massive and cluttered very quickly. I tried it. It was only about $50 for the whole wall but I felt it was too busy. Not my taste. I was starting to think "what is your taste exactly?"

Then, I decided to go looking for a large enough piece for the wall, I ended up with a very modern piece from Kirkland's. It was huge, about $50 as well. I took it home expecting it to grow on me. As I pondered, obsessed, and pondered, and obsessed, it wasn't growing on me. It was too harsh, not my style. So I took it back, and there I was back at square one again.

So now where do you start, I could surf the Internet, again and again looking for inspiration. Or I could just look within the room itself. I was going for a light and airy feel, with cohesion and coziness. As I was looking at this huge empty wall, I saw the pillow from pottery barn. It the pattern was organic and the bird natural.

A little tropical, but not so much. Lets see if I can find some images I can print myself and add to some frames I found on sale at sears. I picked up these 16x20 frames for about $13. And I printed some 11x14 sepia colored images I found online. I think it turned out good. They fit the wall perfectly and they are much lighter giving the room a more airy feel. I also decided the red lamps were a bit much and with the new organic/nature inspired images. I exchanged them for some wood "leaf" lamps to go along with the new redo.

What do you think?  Which option do you like the best?  Did I make the right choice?  Let me know!

Option #1

Option #2
 Option #3
 Option #4, What I have decided on.
In this last photo, you can see the lamps, They have square lamp shades. I think they work quite well.

Let me know what you think?  Have a great week!


Kat said...

This looks great! I love what you've chosen (#4), very classic and beautiful. Fits the room well. I, too have struggled with photo walls...they are hard to pull off and don't look right in every space! ;) I'm your newest follower...I love your blog!

Sherry said...

Your option selected was good. The gallery wall was nice but it took away from your pillows, which I think are lovely.


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