20 September 2011

Evolution of design...A Fall Mantle

We all know I have design add, I changed the family room again!  Twice actually, my husband is ready to kill me, :) :).  Anyway, I will be showing you that again after a few more posts about other things. I literally can’t even stand it myself right now. Ever since we moved in to this house that room has been a nightmare, never really came together like the others.  My mom says I need to paint, and then it will come together. Completely shocked myself with this one, never thought I would end up with something like this.

Fall is one of my most favorite times to change things up. I love the colors, the cool days, and the green grass. I swear fall is the best time of year. I always get super excited this time of year because as far as decor goes, there is so much of it around. All different types depending on your taste. Eclectic, traditional, whimsical, and even classic.

My advice is always to choose 1 style. Don't just pick things you like because it will, most likely, never come together quite right. Also, colors, my rule is 2 main colors and if I'm brave a 3'd accent color. I.E. my master, cream (main), gray (secondary), brown (accent).  To many more than that it will become cluttered and "noisy". My last main piece of advice is size of accessories. Think of a accessorizing a room like you accessorize yourself, less is more.  I.E a mantle should make a statement. You should be able to see it and everything on it from 10 feet away or more. Otherwise from that distance it will just look like a pile of junk.

So there you have it, you’re an expert now right?? Anyway, here is my transformation from summer to fall, in a few places...

Living room:

Living Room

Dining Room:

Sorry can only show you the table, the room is in the middle of a slight transformation, don't want anyone seeing just yet!!  I think it’s kind of early for fall decorating, I think October is a good month to start but I just couldn’t wait!  I should want to wait because after fall comes winter, :( and all that snow for 6 months :( :(

Hope you have a great rest of your week!

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